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over the past decade, I've worked on nearly 100 data visualization projects. I'm all about experimenting with different tools, whether it's diving into Tableau, tinkering with Illustrator, or getting my hands dirty with JavaScript. As you can probably tell from my portfolio, my passions lie in series, movies, food, and travelling. Since 2017 I've been working at various startups in Hungary and Germany. Alongside my day-to-day, I'm deeply involved in the data visualization community, constantly learning and sharing insights.

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My Story

My fascination with data began in university, where I wrote a thesis on how prime ministers' appearances affect voting behavior between the two rounds of elections. I spent weeks in the library of the Parliament, scanning local newspapers to build my dataset. I was happy with the analysis part, but the thesis-writing process felt more like filling pages than true discovery. Despite the challenges, this experience got me hooked on data for life.

My career began in the public sector, but after 2.5 years I transitioned into the FMCG sector as a Market / Consumer Insights Analyst. I worked at Nielsen, Unilever, and Mondelez where I could contribute to the development of love brands like Milka, Oreo, and Dove. It was around 2015 when I realized there is more to analysis than Excel and PowerPoint, and started learning Tableau, SQL, infographic design, and all other tools that came with it.

Thanks to all the long hours I spent in front of the computer after work, I won a dataviz contest in 2017 and got a new job at a Hungarian startup called Starschema. The company took a leap of faith in me by offering this dataviz position. I had no previous experience, but with being almost 30 I was not a junior either. I went for one interview and brought some infographics with me. No homework, no VLOOKUP test, no locking me up in an office without windows for 8 hours and a bottle of water to see if I can make an analysis by the end of the day. Just one 30 min talk. I can never be thankful enough to Starschema for their trust.

I stayed in the startup scene ever since, because I like challenges and the learning opportunities this fast-paced industry offers. From a website builder platform to CI/CD mobile development and a fintech company specializing in tax filing, each experience has broadened my skill set and my understanding of the role data plays in driving business success. If you're interested in delving deeper into my professional journey, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

My Recognitions

  • Tableau Public Ambassador 2020 – 2023

  • Tableau Visionary 2022 (ex-Zen Master)

  • Tableau Zen Master 2021

  • WIA dataviz competition 2021 – 1st place

  • Tableau Conference Viz Gallery selection 2021

  • Best Designer Vizzie Award 2020

  • Tableau Conference Viz Gallery selection 2020

  • Tableau Featured Author 2020

  • OTP Data Visualization Competition 2017 - 1st place

As a Speaker

  • Vizit Berlin Conference 2023: A Glimpse into my Metadata – The grind between the idea and implementation

  • CODAME Art + Tech Exposure conference 2020: Incredible Insights from Art Visualized withTableau

  • Budapest Startup Safari 2019: Barbie – Girls can be anything

  • Data Stories 2018 (CEU): The importance of dataviz in a fast-paced world

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